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Mad Men Season 6, Ep. 13 "In Care Of"

 in care of don has got a problem.

* directed by : matthew weiner
* runtime : 48 minutes
* original air date : june 23, 2013
* network : amc
Mad Men Season 6, Ep. 13 "In Care Of"
Mad men season 6 synopsis : mad men is amcs provocative original series from writer and govt producer matthew weiner of one's sopranos. set in 1960 new york, mad men pulls the viewer into an surprising new world - the high-powered and glamorous golden age of advertising - where everybody is selling one thing and nothing is ever what you may expect it that ought to be.

reviews :
i find that after 280 reviews this show has an aggregate rating of 3 stars. ive scan a few of one's reviews and amazon viewers in general seem that ought to be underwhelmed along with the show. i've been reading post episode analyses on-line and playing npr podcasts about mad men. this amazon view isn't being repeated there nor do i share it. i favor the series as much as i ever did.

take a look along at the poster shown with this page for our show. that will be don draper each coming and going. look along at the signs around him and therefore the disjointedness of one's art work. it's not an uplifting poster ! this season opens at the top of 1967 and when that jumps right into 1968 and therefore the country as an entire is coming apart, same as the poster. thus it is not only don drapers world and that is being torn.

at the top of last season, much was made of one's girl coming up to don and asking him are you alone ?. much has also been written about whether or not that meant don was visiting come back to you are philanderer. i looked along at the question in its larger sense. is this fact man alone hanging out at himself, forever isolated from very connecting with anyone ? to me the answer is obvious. he's the most likely one of the alone man one may ever encounter. and now era leads into an era of alienation for our american population unlike any it had known before. folks are about that ought to be alienated from their kids simply because they never are before, simply together gigantic shift. thus, as usual, don is ahead of one's times.

as for one other characters, fascinating things are occurring for the company furthermore. we could see that women who desire for getting out of one's straight jacketed post war existence finally got a glimmer of hope for doing it. peggy and joan are way away from being as miserable like the men close by. even trudy campbell begins to point out her mettle !

the creative workers, the artists, within the whole advertising business, too commence to appear like individuals are visiting look in decades ahead. they're too experimenting a lot of along with the changes in lifestyles. too, tv is turning into a lot of and a lot of a important a part of everything occurring, as well as advertising. each time we are told a large event has taken place it's via the tv, not by print or radio.

the creator with this series, matthew weiner, is obviously terribly inquisitive about this era and therefore the huge societal changes that took place throughout it and would continue taking place at an ever faster rate. as a person came of age throughout this era, it's fascinating on behalf of me to seem back and then determine it unfold given by a much broader perspective.

i feel this season is well worth viewing however, once more, i'm a minority view here on amazon apparently.
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