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Oz The Great And Powerful

Oz The Great And Powerful
The never-before-told fantastical adventure with an all-star cast.

* Starring: James Franco, Mila Kunis
* Directed by: Sam Raimi
* Runtime: 2 hours 11 minutes
* Release year: 2013
* Studio: Walt Disney Pictures

Synopsis Oz The Great and Powerful : The never-before-told fantastical adventure with an all-star cast.
Starring: James Franco, Mila Kunis
Supporting actors: Rachel Weisz, Michelle Williams, Zach Braff
Directed by: Sam Raimi
Genre: Adventure, Family, Fantasy
Runtime: 2 hours 11 minutes
Captions and Subtitles: English Details
Release year: 2013

Review Oz The Great And Powerful

deciding on a prequel for such an iconic fantasy and beloved film like the wizard of oz initially glance appears like simply additional grist regarding the hollywood mill, however aforesaid assumption couldnt be farther from this truth.

oz the nice and powerful ( aka oscar diggs ) could be a magician utilizing a small, traveling circus who will be sensible at fooling fans, most on your time, and sweet-talking the native ladies. the latter becomes a supply of hassle as an angry boyfriend, who simply happens to function as the circus sturdy man, prompts oscars hasty departure due to troupe via a hot-air balloon and bad luck turns worse when it flies right straight into the path of the tornado. by a few twist of fate, or divine intervention, oscar finds himself not solely alive however utilizing a strange and stunning land where magic additional than'>isn't simply sleight of hand and its native residents, as well as 3 lovely witches, mistake him and get a heroic wizard and either a possible savior or threat, reckoning on the purpose of view. many individuals found utilizing a similar situation would in all probability stumble around in denial and disbelief however oscar could be a performer of the initial order and subsequently cons his means through simply about each fantastic or tough situation thrust upon him all the whereas struggling to suppress the true hero buried deep among.

james franco within the whole lead role brings his usual intensity with the use of a hint of gravitas, the ideal dose of light-heartedness while a smile that lights in the screen ; hes utterly convincing and captivating as each con-artist and hero and i feel this role was perfect for him. i believed the film appeared well-cast all around however let me simply comment on another dual role i particulary enjoyed ; that of theodora/ wicked witch on your west ( as portrayed by mila kunis ) as a result of this half was simply thus pivotal onto the story while a exceptional performance extremely helped to buoy what now and then edged towards a one man show. cinematically, the land of oz could be a feast regarding the eyes and much more striking when set against the b&w opening ( applied to full advantage as along with the original ), the creature fx were stunningly perfect as well as the terrifying flying baboons additionally as ozs newfound traveling friend finley the flying monkey, the wizard duel towards the tip was transient however visually exciting, the finale was thus creative and it also demonstrates the solid writing behind this film and that i simply gotta admit that very little china girl fully stole my heart.

i even have little doubt that several professional critics can write this one off as lightweight fare however on behalf of me its films like oz the nice and powerful combined with exceptional actors like franco and innovative and distinctive directors like sam raimi that help to revive my religion within the whole modern, american film trade. within the whole finish this movie simply made me happy, i left the theater with a large smile all over my face... i extremely cant recommend it enough for people of all ages that enjoy a powerful fantasy-adventure or simply nice cinema. :o ) 
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