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The Hunger Games [HD]

THE FIRST FILM IN THE HUNGER GAMES FRANCHISE. Based on the best-selling book, 16-year-old Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) volunteers to take her younger sister's place in the Hunger Games.

* Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson
* Directed by: Gary Ross
* Runtime: 2 hours 23 minutes
* Release year: 2012
* Studio: Lionsgate

The Hunger Games [HD]
Synopsis The Hunger Games: THE FIRST FILM IN THE HUNGER GAMES FRANCHISE. Based on the best-selling book, 16-year-old Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) volunteers to take her younger sister's place in the Hunger Games.
Starring: Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson
Supporting actors: Liam Hemsworth, Woody Harrelson, Elizabeth Banks, Lenny Kravitz, Stanley Tucci, Donald Sutherland, Wes Bentley, Toby Jones, Alexander Ludwig, Isabelle Fuhrman, Amandla Stenberg
Directed by: Gary Ross
Genre: Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi
Runtime: 2 hours 23 minutes
Captions and Subtitles: English Details
Release year: 2012
Studio: Lionsgate

hunger games is certainly one of the best film i even have seen since several many months, it also is a really successful adaptation of a good book.

inside my personal opinion, each the instructions and therefore the film are much deeper and rather more formidable, than what most critics and reviewers would make us believe. after reading the reviews in new york times, le monde and on msn. com ( to cite solely few ) having been surprised they mostly missed everything that's vital during this film. with the use of a type of amused superiority, that people from capitol during this movie would immediately recognize, the professional reviewers pointed along at the obvious allusions to gladiator fights, the reality shows, the importance of trashy entertainment in todays tv, the look for a fresh franchise ready to replace twilight, etc., etc.

other then they will virtually entirely failed to discover, this film is first and higher than all about rather more essential things : how to maintain hope, not lose the courage and preserve humanity and dignity with a totalitarian oppressive regime.

i know that virtually everybody now is aware of anytime writing hunger games susan collins attempted basically a modern ( even futurist ) retelling as out to the previous greek myth of theseus and minotaur. in line with this ancient tale, after losing a war, annually the town of athens had to send a tribute of seven young men and seven maidens towards the king of crete. once there the young people were locked within the labyrinth, to remain devoured via the monster minotaur. this yearly punishment and humiliation lasted till theseus, crown prince of athens, volunteered to remain one amongst the tributes and once locked within the labyrinth he defeated and killed the minotaur.

in hunger games that which was once u. s. ( and that i assume conjointly canada ) is now popularly known as panem. it's a rustic divided in twelve districts remaining under the management as out to the capitol central metropolis. there was once thirteen districts, however when they will rebelled against the central power, the capitol destroyed utterly the district 13 with all its population and once that defeated and submitted once more the twelve others. in an effort to remind to its subjects how absolute is its power, the capitol claims a yearly tribute - one girl and 1 boy of ages from 12 to 18 from each district. the tributes are then send to an arena and forced to fight, till solely one stay alive. this yearly event referred to as the'>will be the hunger games it also is shown live on tv to all the population of panem. this film tells the story of what happened along at the 74th edition of hunger games...

for capitol the aim of hunger games usually is to remind yearly how powerful will be the central metropolis and just how dire can possibly be the consequences of its wrath, but in addition - and more importantly inside my opinion - to humiliate and degrade the people as out to the districts by forcing them into become accomplices ( no matter if under duress ) of the barbarian custom within which a few with the own youngsters are send towards the slaughterhouse. and as all bullies and abusers apprehend, it's much easier to oppress, abuse and brutalize victims who lack self-esteem...

well, during this film we are able to see how one amongst the tributes from district 12, an exceptionnal young girl named katniss everdeen ( jennifer lawrence ), manages to flip the tables by the capitol and by allowing people of panem to regain a few with the dignity she will surely be the pebble that starts the avalanche. the precise approach within which she does that won't be revealed here, other then each within the book as within the film it's described because we are part of a terribly intelligent a select moving approach...

this could appear a rather improbable factor that a 16 years previous kid are capable of doing a thing which can ultimately bring down a seemingly invincible and all-powerful tyranny, other then lets not forget that within the real world, the nice wave of revolutions of arab spring began on 18 december 2010 with the use of a desperate gesture of the dirt-poor 27-years previous tunisian street vendor, mohamed bouazizi, who set himself on fire after having been robbed and beaten via the corrupt native police one time an excessive amount... under 2 years after, the opressive regimes in tunisia, egypt, libya already collapsed, the seemingly invulnerable dictator of yemen had to resign and therefore the syrian brutal regime is facing a large armed rebellion..

bottom line, this film is first and before all a story about how only a seemingly powerless person will horribly hurt a tyrannic regime with the use of a magic potion made of scores of courage, an ice-cold determination, a good personal dignity, alittle compassion, a couple of flowers, one or two of tears and 1 defiant and powerful gesture...

the powerful message and wonderful scenario are definitely not the ultimate reasons why i take into account hunger games being a masterpiece. actors were selected terribly rigorously and that they perform well. jennifer lawrence is merely perfect - there's simply there is no other word to explain her performance ! in spite of this, after seeing her in winters bone and x-men : first class i didnt expect something less.

 however the real surprise during this film comes from josh hutcherson who plays peeta mellark, the boy tribute from district 12. his character is additional challenging to play, as a result of peeta is in a similar time additional limited but additionally additional sophisticated than katniss. josh hutcherson could afford terribly simply fall in one in every of the several traps that build in peetas character. by overacting or underacting he could afford make him a wimp or possibly a passive follower or an immature kid, however he avoided those snares with grace and his peeta comes out with this film being a surprisingly complexe and likewise a really likeable character. he's certainly absolutely not hero as well as a fighter like katniss - however till the same finish he preserves his honor, because we are part of a deadly place where he shouldnt ever be send...

a special mention goes to very little amandla stenberg, who plays 12-years previous rue, the youngest of all the tributes. her character is each secondary and in a similar time incredibly vital - and this very little cute pixie played it perfectly !

other, additional known actors contribute towards the success with this film. woody harrelson is glorious as haymitch, the only real person from district 12 who ever won within the hunger games and is now an advisor to katniss and peeta. lenny kravitz portrayed a perfect cinna, the man in charge of image of tributes from district 12 publicly appearances just before the games begin. and finally there will be the large figure of donald sutherland, who plays the supreme ruler of panem, president coriolanus snow. he's purely incredible. there's a short while during this film when he says to someone i prefer you - and that i believe that i even have never heard this type terrible and deadly threat in one short sentence since the archifamous schwarzeneggers i'll be back...

i conjointly absolutely adored the using as to actually the cameras. in a few moments with this film we've got the impression of going after the characters utilizing a camera, as a war correspondent following the fighters ( this style was conjointly terribly skillfully applied to the defend series ). after all not all the film is turned during this approach, however mixing this more than a little scenes with additional standard ones provides here a superb effect.

the games themselves are extremely skillfully described and are a really dramatic tale, full of surprises and twists. i found them much far better than battle royale, to that this book and film are typically compared. the games are deadly and brutal, fact is that there is simply limited gore - i feel this film is suitable for young teenagers, though not for youngsters younger than 12. there is likewise absolutely no nudity, sex or robust language and that i for one found it a most glorious issue.

there will be still several additional smart things to convey about this film, however i know you ought to discover them by yourself. yet one more issue though about the instructions - it's after all attainable to view and greatly enjoy this film while not reading the instructions, however i know that reading the novel first may be a right action. if reading the entire book is away from question, i might advise to learn out to read at the very least the initial hundred pages. it'll not reveal much concerning the games themselves, however it'll enable for a higher understanding of the as to actually the key components : the strength as to actually the bond between katniss and her younger sister, the history that katniss shares back with her hunting partner gale, the sophisticated relation between katniss and her mother and last however not least, the mysterious bond existing between katniss and peeta mellark.

about this last purpose : if your serviceman did not go over book i don't need to spoil the pleasure of discovery therefore i'll say simply this - katniss and peeta lived for 16 years in a similar village, however they never spoke one to another ( except to have an occasional hello ) and then they will never touched each other in in any case. and still, they actually share a secret as big as life and death, a secret that each bonded them along and in a similar time separated them deeply... if wish to'>you desire to recognize the answer with this riddle you have got either to watch terribly very rigorously each scene as to actually the film or merely go over book...

conclusion : this film may be a masterpiece ! i loved it and i'm going to order the dvd as soon because it is on the market. and i'm sooo intending to see the the second half, as soon because it opens !
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